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Inspections of the Chimney

Almost every home in Edmonton has a chimney to enjoy the beautiful winters in Edmonton AB. The purpose is while keeping the homes warm, keep the smoke away, vent out the toxic gases. Though the chimneys are normally made with heat resistant material but with time the chimneys too are bound to get damaged. If you come across some signs of wear and tear like breaking or kraken of tile liners, or corrosion of metal liners, it is time to get the health checkup of your chimney through the leaders in inspecting the chimneys in Edmonton AB, Inspecus.

As the damaged chimney can be a risk to your health, the degeneration of brick and mortar can result in affecting building structure around it. Inspection of the chimney performed by our qualified and certified inspector will let you know the exact condition and will help you in timely elimination of any risk or accident.

What does the inspection include? The chimney inspection includes the inspection of chimney caps, flashing, dampers to check if they are functioning properly.  Our inspection will include the cleaning and removal of leftover ashes, cleaning of flue of creosote and other unwanted substances like soot and debris, repairs of brick and mortar surrounding the chimney, and installation of fresh batteries in the smoke detectors to ensure their proper functioning. 

It is wise to get the chimneys inspected on regular intervals for safety of health and building. Our inspectors will provide an honest report of your chimney’s condition to avoid any risk of future accident. Customer satisfaction and safety is our priority.

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We are a team of licensed home inspectors chosen by our valuable clients for quality home inspections that keep your family safe and peace of mind intact. We are a team of licensed professionals and certified through InterNACHI.

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Our team has successfully completed the InterNACHI certification course for COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors and Contractors. So, rest assured we will take all precautionary measures to contain the spread of this contagious virus.

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