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Homebuyers tend to avoid the buyers inspection before investing in a condominium. The codos are maintained and taken care of by HOA (Homeowner Association) is a myth. The association is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the common areas and facilities. The interiors of your condo is your responsibility.

It becomes more critical to get the condo of your dream to get inspected by a certified, qualified and experienced home inspector as you would not want the hassles of getting the repairs and leakage work later. There are many problems that can arise within the walls of your unit. Our inspection services will perform a comprehensive inspection of the interior and exteriors of your condo unit. If the need be, we will ask and assess the common areas like roofs, attics, basements, lobbies, etc. Inspecting exteriors will help us understand the maintenance schedule and upkeep of the common areas for which eventually you will be paying a maintenance charge.

During the inspection of the interior of your condo unit, our experts will be assessing the condition and performance status of wall units (for cracks), electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, ceilings & floors, doors & windows, furnaces, water heaters, mold build up, foul smells, and smoke alarms. Your safety and health is the priority for us so we provide honest, upfront and easy to read reports. With the use of the latest tools, techniques and expertise, we ensure that our customers make informed decisions and live in your coveted condo with complete peace of mind.
Many homebuyers have this wrong misconception that condominiums are maintained and taken care of by HOA (Homeowner Association). However, they only ensure that the common areas and facilities are looked after well, the interiors should only be looked after.

Our condominium inspection services would ensure that you find out the real condition of the home. We inspect all the major and minor components of the home so that you can make an informed decision. After all that investment, you want the deal to be fruitful and we assure you that. Our inspection services included a thorough and careful examination of every component of the house. It involves all the major and minor components including the exterior and interiors of the house. In addition to this, we also offer thermal scanning, mold testing, and WETT inspection so that we leave no stone unturned. For the most trusted condo inspection in Edmonton, contact us right away.

Affordable Condo Inspection Services, Edmonton

At House Inspection Edmonton, we offer affordable condo inspection services. We are a company that specializes in affordable condo inspection Edmonton. We provide our clients with a free consultation and we offer a variety of inspections at different price points. Our goal is to make sure your condo is safe and sound before you move into it. Condominiums are great places to live if you want to save money and have access to amenities like pools, gyms, spas, saunas, etc. However, condos can be difficult to maintain and they require constant upkeep. Thus, getting condo inspections done by admirable inspection services is necessary. When buying a condo, it is important to get an inspection done by a qualified home inspector. A good inspection will reveal any issues that need to be addressed – both major and minor problems. Contact us today.

Certified Condo Inspector In Edmonton AB & Surrounding Areas

We at House Inspection Edmonton are a licensed and insured home inspection company that specializes in condo inspections. We have been providing quality inspection services for several years now. Our home inspectors are certified by InterNACHI and follow InterNACHI standards. We provide our home inspection services in Edmonton AB and surrounding areas, including – Sherwood Park, and Fort Saskatchewan.

Our services include:

  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Post-purchase inspection
  • Pre-listing inspection
  • Small Business Inspection
  • Inspection of Chimney

And much more. Our inspectors perform a thorough inspection of your property and help you in making an informed decision.

Licensed Professional
Home Inspector

We are a team of licensed home inspectors chosen by our valuable clients for quality home inspections that keep your family safe and peace of mind intact. We are a team of licensed professionals and certified through InterNACHI.

Covid-19 protocols

Our team has successfully completed the InterNACHI certification course for COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors and Contractors. So, rest assured we will take all precautionary measures to contain the spread of this contagious virus.

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