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Thermal Imaging in Edmonton, AB

A standard inspection is a non-invasive visual inspection done to assess the condition and age of the building infrastructure and age and performance status of the appliances. This inspection does not let you know the related problems beneath the wall. 

The latest technology of thermal imaging and moisture detection in Edmonton AB is an advanced method of inspection that is being used by Inspecus with no extra cost. With the help of an infrared camera, you can check the temperature and moisture content of the structure or the wall. The knowledgeable and experienced home inspector can analyse these temperatures and moisture levels and gauge the potential problem or the hidden problem that cannot be seen with naked eyes.

Any internal leaks will make the wall moist and will reduce the temperature of that wall. Infrared cameras are capable of detecting the smallest difference in temperature. You can also take high resolution pictures of the damaged area to assess the extent of damage. The pictures of areas with leaks will be comparatively darker. Thus it also becomes easier to locate the problem areas.

If the problem and the extent of the problem can be identified correctly, it becomes easier to fix the problem with minimal invasion in the structure. Our home inspectors not only have the experience and certification from InterNACHI but have the eye for detailing and excellent analytical skills to assess the minutest of the problem that might not be visible with naked eyes. Call us today to book your home inspection for the best services.

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We are a team of licensed home inspectors chosen by our valuable clients for quality home inspections that keep your family safe and peace of mind intact. We are a team of licensed professionals and certified through InterNACHI.

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Our team has successfully completed the InterNACHI certification course for COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors and Contractors. So, rest assured we will take all precautionary measures to contain the spread of this contagious virus.

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