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Existing Contracting Work Inspection

Purchasing a property is a huge investment, be it for living in that space or for a different purpose. Ensuring that all the requirements were met with and compliances were taken care of is the primary check to ensure a safe investment. If you have decided to buy an existing building, we, at Inspcus, can help you ensure about various compliance, safety and other checks. 

Our team is well versed with the documentation and compliance requirements, thus it will be worth every penny in investing in existing contracting work inspection at Edmonton AB. Assessing the risks involved and maintaining a thorough record and checklist for your future reference with accuracy is what our inspectors are thorough with. 

The team from Inspecus will thoroughly inspect the property to identify the potential problems and will assess and determine the degree of building compliance, health and safety compliance, etc. Our inspector will perform an inspection of all the installations to check quality and if they were installed as per the decided standards. Thorough paperwork of all the contractors activities will be done along with the inspection of the specifications of all the drawings and plan and make a note of deviations or non-conformities. The inspector will also inspect for the paint and number of coats on the surface. 

The detailed easy to understand report will help you understand the worth of prospective investment letting you make an informed decision. We assure you that our services will be honest and upfront to provide you with the actual conditions and status of the building. We serve for complete customer satisfaction with no vested interest.

Licensed Professional
Home Inspector

We are a team of licensed home inspectors chosen by our valuable clients for quality home inspections that keep your family safe and peace of mind intact. We are a team of licensed professionals and certified through InterNACHI.

Covid-19 protocols

Our team has successfully completed the InterNACHI certification course for COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors and Contractors. So, rest assured we will take all precautionary measures to contain the spread of this contagious virus.

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